Billy Brown

Consultant, Analytics at Avanade.

MSci Computer Science graduate from the University of St Andrews, Scotland.


Essence model strengthening for Conjure: The Automated Constraint Modelling Tool.

Completed as part of the Laidlaw Scholarship Programme in Research and Leadership during a 10 week internship.

The project adds functionality to automatically infer new constraints and tighten others in a specification. Programming done in Haskell, benchmarking in Python and R.

Merged GitHub Pull Request


Simple interactive JavaScript image uploading and cropping facility for the browser.

Originally completed as part of my internship at the University of St Andrews Development Office.

The project allows uploading an image to the browser, interactively cropping it to a desired size and optional aspect ratio while previewing the final result, and exporting it as a new image.

GitHub Repository Example Page

MSci Project

Probabilistic dependency parsing of discontinuous natural language.

Built a shift-reduce parser for dependency structure natural language using existing data-driven methods and implementing a new one. Evaluating the new method and different machine learning-based classifiers (ANN, SVM).

Source code available upon request.

Senior Honours Project

How effectively can genetic search algorithms balance turn-based strategy games?

Built a basic turn-based strategy game with JavaFX, with an AI player. Performed genetic search on the game data in order to balance the gameplay. Inconclusive results.

Source code available upon request.

Junior Honours Project

Online collaborative document editor: layer-based raster image editor.

As part of a group, built a raster image editor with a number of features implemented in the browser with JavaScript and a back end written in Node for saving and loading.

Source code available upon request.